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" I must say that you are by far the best masking agency I have ever worked with! The mask on the previous job are outstanding. The transparent mask is THE BOMB!!! "


- Peter, Denmark

I used Masking Hauz for a table top booklet we are preparing for a bike shop called "Ernie's Sports Experts" here in Canada. Bikes need a lot of cropping because of the spokes. Masking Hauz did a great job for me, I was very pleased. I am also pleased to recommend them for others looking for their services. It was a very smooth process...


- Kevin, Canada


photo retouching, clipping path and masking

The house of masking experts. A photo retouching service provider from Asia,The Philippines. We specialize in clipping path, background removal, image masking, image editing, photo retouching, photo enhancement, image manipulation, vector conversion and image enlargement. We cater to serving photographers, designers, businesses, advertising agencies among others who use photos or images for online catalogues, brochures, print materials for marketing and ad campaigns.


We help convey your images to maximizing the potential capability of graphics in the business and realize profit through visible representation of your products by providing you a professional image solution.


What do you get from hiring us?


Valuable time. Your business can focus on more important task at hand. This helps in increase of productivity and efficiency of your operation. We guarantee it's a money well spent because we provide you affordable rates from our services and quality that makes lasting impression to your clients.





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