I would like to see your output using my image. Can you do a sample?


Yes. We can provide a sample  for free.

How do I send my sample image?


You can attached it in an email or send through wetransfer.com if it's a big file.

Where do I transfer my files?


We have our own server where you can upload and download your files.

How can I transfer my files?


There's two way that you can transfer your files.

1. Using an FTP program like Filezilla.

2. You can log in by clicking FTP in our website menu or go to files.maskinghauz.com

How to login in FTP?


Enter the following details.

server: files.maskinghauz.com

username: your username

password: your password

How long before I can download the finish output?


Turn around time is 24 hours. If you have volume images,high resolution and complex images we will inform you the details.

I've downloaded my images but some files are corrupt?


The first thing to do is to download the file again and make sure your internet connection is stable. If it is still corrupt it's in our end and you will need to email the filename so we can upload again.

How do I keep in touch with you?


Preferably email.


Frequently Asked Questions